Hillside Ethos and Values

'Achieving Greatness Together' 



Our school logo is the Inukshuk. 

We have adopted the Inukshuk as the Hillside logo as it signposts our children and families to a community where they feel safe, find friendship and hope.

An Inukshuk is a figure made of piled stones or boulders. Traditionally, they were used by the Inuit in northern Canada as directional markers. An Inukshuk, in the shape of a person signifies, safety, hope and friendship. These stone sculptures were important for navigation, as a point of reference, as marker for hunting grounds, to denote a food cache or a sacred place. 

Inukshuks are made of stacked stones that are picked because they fit well together. There is no glue or cement that holds them together; they stay up because they are balanced on each other. Each stone supports the one below and the one above it. 

There are both large and small Inukshuk so every single one is different, like a snowflake.


Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Safe

These are the values we endorse at Hillside to help our children navigate their way through their school journey and beyond. Our values are so much more that these three words; each one encompasses the mindset and attitudes we wish for our children to live by and to become an intrinsic part of their individual characters.


We are committed to:

•    Ensuring the school is welcoming and safe for everyone
•    Ensuring the delivery of an ambitious, rich curriculum
•    Encouraging all children to develop a passion for learning
•    Growing strong relationships with our families
•    Growing effective leaders, excellent teachers and successful children

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