Intent: To problem solve, develop resilience and learn skills for work and life.

The DT Curriculum that we offer at Hillside is both knowledge rich and skills focussed. Through our curriculum, we aim to develop the children as both designers and critics, providing them with the skills and vocabulary they need to be able to build on and improve their practical work at each stage of the process. Each block of learning follows the design, make, evaluate, apply process with the key disciplines being regularly revisited across the primary years through the planned vertical progression. 

The key disciplines that are taught include food and nutrition, mechanisms, structures, systems, electrical systems, understanding materials and textiles. Our curriculum is underpinned by CUSP Design and Technology and is tailored to meet our specific context.

A particular focus within our curriculum is on the discipline of food technology where we give the children the knowledge to make healthy choices and the skills to be able to prepare fresh and healthy meals themselves. We believe that this is an especially important life skill to provide to our community. 

Design & Technology Long Term Plans

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